Wednesday, April 20, 2011

UT3 Crevase update

Hey guys,

Firstly apologies for the delayed update. I've been busy blocking out the level and there wouldnt have been much to talk about with lots of default chequred textures plastering the walls.

I've finished fleshing out the majority of the level and now its mainly lighting, details and game play.. I say it like its a small amount! There is still lots of work to do but I'm glad I've been sticking with it and I've definitely learnt a lot about BSP blocking in! I've also only used 3 or 4 different Unreal Meshes.

These first two shots are how the level looks from the outside. I've been playing with the Post Process effects and I'm happy with the outdoor look.

Below, shows inside the two central icebergs/refinery type areas. These two sections are the parts that join the blue base to the red base.

The images below are the results of starting the red base (the last bit I have left to block). Im happy with the flow, however the Post Processing here might be too harsh. What do people think? It kind of reminds me of old school Quake stuff which I love, but if people don't like it, I will probably end up changing it. 

I also played with the blue base Post Process. Do people think its an improvment or that the PP takes away all the bold light from previous updates?

Cheers for reading and welcome any kind of feedback. Especially on the post processing.