Monday, May 2, 2011

Feels like the final stages...

I was in a bit of a dilemma about what to do with this map. It feels like I have invested far too many man hours in to this project and maybe its time to move on. The level as a whole feels pretty complete but there are still lots of pickups to be placed, and trims to be fitted. Along with a few extra textures I have created, just not imported.

These are the shots so far, let me know what you think. Is it time to move on? Or is it better to 100% complete the project..whatever 100% completion may be..

These are 3 outdoors shots. In the second image there are 2 green lights (if you can see them) When shot, these shut the doors on the upper floor and kill anyone inside. There is a redeemer weapon in this room if players can make it out alive.

The red base. A lot less detailed than other areas of the map I know..

And these are the central joining sections. I feel these are the places where the most game play will take place. There are hints at different types of game play in the images but I think there needs to me much more, especially in corridors.

So if anyone has any feedback on the map and whether its worth pursuing or starting something fresh with the skills I've learnt.




  1. I'm no games designer and I have no clue about how these things work. I just like to know how things work. I'm not an avid gamer but I do jam on my PS3 from time to time. However, I'm really interested in how the heck you create these images. Like I said, I'm pretty green with this kind of stuff but I'm nevertheless awed at how games designers create stuff like this. Must take a lot of hard work-I'm a writer so I know all about hard work! :).

  2. Looking really good Pete, its really nice to see the level be built from the ground up to what you have achieved so far. I agree that sometimes working too long on a project can effectively dull the creative spirit yet in the case of this one my advice is simple. When you feel you are finished with it (whether its technically is finished or not), finish it. Don't try and continue into a project you maybe losing that important spark for. Thats the time for new frontiers ;)

    That said even if you don't want to continue with it anymore its still wise to tie it up into a 'finished package' if you get what I mean.