Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WoLD Challenge WiP 23rd March

Hey guys,

A little bit of progress made this evening. Finally got the wall in. I'm terrible at modelling so when it comes to creating organic stuff my polygons look more block(y) than a rubix cube! But not to worry, im happy with the result. 

I also added some structure to the station with a possible story behind why its there. It was part of a mining camp rail line. Im still working on how to add some character to the actual station part but no ideas so far. It still feels flat and lifeless, and not lifeless in a good way!!

I have never really shown how my level was created either so here are a few screens to demonstrate this. In the rules thread I saw AlexG mention that the scene was more "movie set" than playable level, which gave me the idea to create a film set style scene. There is nothing behind the fa├žades of the building which I think is a nice trick and I'm pretty happy with.

Does anyone have any input on the colours of lighting and dust ive used? I feel happy with it but I'd like a critical eye to pull it apart.


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