Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deathmatch is Alive!

Hey guys,

Just a quick update of some screenshots I took of my level this evening. Im getting there with the textures, using purely BSP is a tricky thing, aking sure you have the correct sizes in all the places to make you materials fit in there nicely! I've tried and tested textures..some worked..some didnt, but I'm happy with the progress so far. I'm still playing around with lighting and materials so if anyone has any recommendations for me please fire away!

This is main room I've been playing around with today. I really like the towering structure. It has a lift inside it with a UTDamage pickup at the farrrr top indicated by the purple light. This is a tricky lift jump to achieve, it takes perfect timing and the lift only moves for .5seconds. Its tough, but worth the reward!

Kinda just an overview of the top section of the room. If the player reaches this point there is a sniper rifle waiting for them. Once collected they can double jump on to the top of the lift section and make their escape along the rafters to a large outdoor snow storm where they can pick players off. 

This is the top-tier again showing off lots of nice pretty orange lighting leading to the sniper rifle

Final shot is just the floor, a nice flow to this section I think but it needs something else to bring it alive. The weapon pick-up here is a link gun, any better suggestions of weapon choice? Also a string of health vials leading out

That's all for now folks, doesn't look like much progress but I have been blasting it pretty hard this evening!


  1. Awesome stuff man :D I really appreciate and respect the kind of dedication it takes to stick to a personal project like this when there is nobody to dissapoint or sweet grade to strive for. Says alot about you and your passion for this kind of stuff.

    I'd critique, but your theory seems sound. Past that, you really need to get a feel for it in the actual game! It's inevitable when you get a bunch of players in there, their actions surprise you lol Agents of chaos, the players. Can't be trusted. :P

  2. cool stuff Pete - I know you're still playing but.. more 'pools' of interest for me please - perhaps drop the lighting a bit so that you get more impact on the stronger lights you do use.

  3. Looking good man, I agree with Josh on the 'Pools of interest' but I do like the overall structure especially the tower aspect. It allows for a sense of strategy rather than the usual run and gun aspect of multiplayer plus the use of 'tough to reach' areas has always been a fave of mine. Rewarding the gifted :D keep it up!

  4. Cheers for all the feedback guys. I didnt really think about it but now that you mention it, it would definitely look better by dropping the overall skylight of the map and really emphasising the orange and blue lighting.