Monday, February 14, 2011

It didn't take long to change my mind

Don't worry Scott, I haven't scrapped anything, just "developed" my idea.

It occurred to me, my level had no real silhouette. I wanted something towering in the middle of the level, something to draw the players in and although I have 3 industrial towers, I don't feel that they are strong enough, they may come back as the design progresses however for now, I've come up with a better idea.. He says.

I think it would be cool, if not badass, if my level was based in a huge crevasse! I know what your thinking, cool right? Similar to the image above you would see the sky shinning through this central ring and wherever you were in the map you would be able to see this focal point. I'm interested to know what other people think of this idea and whether I'm just changing things for change sake or whether it would impact my design in a positive way?

I'm not quite sure what the central structure could be but there are would be so many different possibilities to play around with adding extra game play and would also still be able to incorporate Jim (where's the game) Thompson's suggestions about decreasing players visibilities in certain areas and also still have the cave like feel to the map. I would be able to create tight corridors of ice with added vantage points on higher ledges. This also highlights for me, the importance of using BSP's in Unreal to block out my idea, the quick mock-ups only took 5 minutes and if I need to change them then little time was wasted.

All of these are just thoughts however and I will have to go back to the drawing board known as UDK to decide which path I should pursue.

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