Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2

I began my second day on the project by trying to block out the rest of my DM-level. I think I found a good flow with it, I'll just drop a few screen shots so you can kind of get an idea how its going to be played. I've not added any detail or materials to the surfaces but I have however, added a bit of game play in the sections I wanted it in just to get a feel.

This first shot demonstrates narrow close combat with red lines. Slippery patches/fast paced game play in Yellow. Open but still quite close range combat in the blue sections. These bits will have objects and meshes blocking paths and breaking up the game play but that's pretty much it for now. The three circles are indicators where players can 'camp' on the map, picking out enemies across the level, however there are multiple paths to these sections so players will have to react fast.

The second screen demonstrates similar game play however the circles this time focus on the jump pads. I've made use of the Unreal jump pads which can catapult players into different area of the map quickly, however these places are harder to reach.

The third screen shows the meat of the game play so I'll go into a little more detail in this section.

01. This shows the camper spot from a different view, as you can see the player has views of the multiple routes to their position, however, they can not view them all at the same time.

02. I've made use of the double jump off lift mechanic that a lot of players don't know about in Unreal. More experienced players will be rewarded with their knowledge of Unreal by being able to access the UT Damage pick-up with makes you God Like for a small period of time. You can access it by running onto the lift and before it stops tap double jump and by using the momentum of the lift, players can access higher places. Then can then make a quick exit down the slope of the iceberg which is very quick paced.

03. If players shoot the box on the wall the doors that players use to access the room inside with shut and inside pipes will blow ice cold water and kill any players inside. In these rooms are valuable pick-ups, the players must choose whether to take the risk of death to gain the pick-up or wait for other players to get lured in. The doors will reopen after 30seconds and the system will be reset. The meshes used are Unreal assets which will not feature in the final map, they're just for demonstration.

04. This screen shot shows the bottom half of the map. There will be an icy river flowing through here with a snow storm, the whole lower section of the map with have reduced visibility because of this and players will have to get close to other players in the map before they can see them. This makes the area slightly more difficult however pick-ups in this location with reward the players for taking the risk.

05. The final shot shows a small bridge below the iceberg right above the frozen water. The path is very narrow and players must navigate carefully and will be rewarded for their efforts. However taking this route leaves you very exposed from above and both sides.

Next up I think I'll be refining some of the paths in the level making sure there are no dead ends and making sure the flow is right. I will then start to add more pick-ups and focus on the ecology of the map making sure everything is balanced but also rewarding for players that take the risks.

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