Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken Promises

Firstly, let me apologise for breaking my promise to the world to update my blog at least once a week. My personal work kind of fell by the waist-side this past week whilst I was trying to complete other projects but I'm back on track now and resuming work on my DM level.

I've spend some time this evening working on specific sections of the map rather than the level as a whole. I got the basic layout sorted and for those of you interested I decided to stick with the old, but trusty, UT3 engine. This allows me to use all the DM specific features of the Unreal engine and its also nice not having to worry about different UDK updates and whether certain things will work..they just do in UT3.

So here are some shots, it may not look like much but I have spend a long time finding the flow to this one section of the map. I would have had to post hundreds of screens to portray the real flow of the level, as is the curse of the level designer when trying to present their designs. However, at least these screens give you a feel for what I'm actually working on.

The first image shows how the bottom iceberg got a bit out of control with the size once all the game play was added. The rest of the icebergs will stay the same but I'm not sure whether this will become some kinda of refinery or building now. There's also a jump pad bridge if you check out the bottom of the image which plays really well.

The second and third image are from the largest room in this refinery/building. There are multiple paths shooting everywhere and lots of focus on game play along with some nice shapes created purely using BSP.

I'm focusing this map to use 90% BSP brushes in Unreal along with minimal static meshes (from Unreal) in places that need them, such as light sources, vents etc that I feel would add to the level but I mainly want to focus on the flow.

I am however going to create a full pack of hand painted textures in photoshop to go along with the level which will hopefully give it its unique feel along with the help of a few shaders in Unreal.

I think thats all for now, back to the unreal world!

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