Friday, November 5, 2010

The Big Question

So the big question, what is it that I'm doing this semester for the final 'bang' of the MA? Well, I'm starting off with a Level design document, this will be accompanied by a smothering of kismet setups and garnished with a spattering of
detailed game play features so that people will be able to see my greatness. It will be bursting with colour and show of my technical abilities and warm me up nicely to my main dish which will be a meaty dissertation asking the question 'Do technical limitations hinder creativity?'

In its simplest form i am asking whether a game design is more successful if it has lots of money pushed into it and unlimited capabilities created for the PS5 with 100 man team working behind it such as a CoD title creates better design than one man set up in his basement working on an 8 bit game such as Minecraft?

For desert it really couldn't have been anything but an Unreal level created using UDK content as well as any custom content i need to make to create specific effects. This level will be my portfolio piece for catapulting me onto the bottom rung of my career in the game industry. I will showcase the best of my abilities by creating intense and exciting game play and cinematics. As you never leave table without a hot mug of black sugarless solace I am aiming to create a document about the technical limitations I face in created my levels in the UDk and how I think my designs could be aided without the limitations. I think that this will polish off my degree nicely and hopefully wrap it into a nicely presented package with bow in time for the Christmas festivities.

An assortment of blog posts, images and words of wisdom will follow thick and fast now that Masterchef has finished, so sit back and let me know if you have any idea how I would go about achieving any of this.

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