Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UDK Screens

I thought since the last few posts have been quite heavy on the wording I'd add a few images for all you image happy people out there!

This is a level I'm working on which directs the player through the level using light and also light puzzles. It is supposed to show how a player will complete the level quicker through subconscious light guidance rather that the whole level being fully lit without the subtle hints. We'll see whether this backfires in my face but for now here are some screens. I should also mention these are all meshes and textures found in the UDK and non of my own which i have used purely for the ease of mocking up a working level in a 2 week time frame.

1 comment:

  1. You're a machine Pete! I know these aren't custom textures or meshes, but as a level designer that won't be your jurisdiction in the industry anyway. As your project clarifies, you're all about guiding and entertaining the player.

    I look forward to trying out this level, which IMO, is still stunning work for how long you spent on it. To the layman, this Unreal level "sketch" could pass for a final year project.

    I hope to follow in your footsteps in semester 2! Thanks again for the quick intro to UDK this morning ;)