Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Modern Art in the hills of Wakefield

We decided to take a trip to the National Sculpture Park in Wakefield on Friday 30th. I was not entirely sure whether it would be a worthwhile experience when I should be putting my head down and concentrating on my MA degree. It was an hour road trip in the car so decided to drive there instead of going on the coach from UCLAN. The sculpture park is located just outside of Huddersfield

On Friday 20th of October I visited the National sculpture park in Wakefield, just outside of Huddersfield. It was a trip organised by the head of the MA courses so as the story goes I was reserved on whether it would be a worthwhile experience for me, or whether it would in fact inspire, invigorate and ignite ideas so that I could implement what I experienced into my own design work.

When we arrived at the park I was surprised at how vast the area was and how many sculptures were planted around the surrounding landscape. The 1st place we decided to visit was the underground gallery to take a look at Peter Randall-Page's exhibition, at first look it was a bunch of shapes carved out of different types of rocks. However the more I started to look at them the more I started to appreciate them for what they actually were. The sculptures were placed in large open spaces with plainly painted white wash walls; this gave the room the added feeling of space which in turn added made the sculpture the focal point of the whole room. When I focused my attention on the sculpture and all the groves carved out of it I started to think about what gave Peter Randall-Page the idea of creating such a piece of art, and also how he went about carving it and even down to the logistics of moving the huge stone carvings into the gallery. The sculpture also reminded me hugely of HR Gigers work and whether it was at all inspired by the Giger series of work.

After the underground gallery I made my way through the grounds of the park and looking at all the other different designer’s interpretations of their work. There were some very interesting pieces of work and some of the Iron work pieces were particularity inspiring for my work on one of my level ideas with a Mayan/Industrial back theme. There were also some weird sculptures of human bodies with Rabbit and Fox heads on them, which showed just how out of the box designers can be to make things work and functional.

All in all I thought it was a really interesting and enjoyable day out and would recommend it to anyone to go down and take a look and see what’s on show there because there are some very different experiences in the park that you may not be able to experience anywhere else.

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