Monday, October 12, 2009

Shaking the summer cobwebs

I’ve been throwing round idea after idea for the last week or so now trying to find a direction for my exploration in to game mechanics and how to attract and maintain the player’s concentration through challenging them in different scenarios. I’m asking myself questions such as ‘What can you, as the player, do in the real world?’ and ‘Now what can I achieve in the game?’ By this I mean that players tend to follow certain game logic in what they should be able to do and not what they can actually do. With this in mind I want to create a range of different game play challenges allowing the player to think outside the box they are contained in and explore the ‘what if’s’ within the environment. I will start to develop a feel for the puzzles, if you will, by exploring what’s already on the market with games such as Portal, the Tomb Raider series and also Half Life, Doom and other games similar to these titles. This ideology should lead to ideas in my own head of what does and doesn’t work and also allow me to develop my own ‘outside the box’ thinking. I am aiming for a few different playable scenarios created in UE3.

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