Friday, October 2, 2009

Ice Breaking

Just kicked off the MA Games Design course with an Ice breaker project where we had to design a character united with a message about the character and who they are and what they do. I started off with a few sketched ideas and then developed them in 3D using Maya. As I am not a character artist I find even the simplest organic drawings difficult and do not receive the results I am aiming for. With this in mind I kept with a clean looking mechanical style character and came up with a back story which included a young boy who created a robot toy to go on adventures around different environments. This robot would seek out different spots around the house and snap pictures to create a virtual scrapbook, in which the robot could upload through antennas located on his head, on the boy’s computer. The way in which the robot can upload the pictures is through locating Wi-Fi spots around the environment and being within 5 feet of them, then an automatic upload would commence. The robot also has an upturned coffee cup for open areas to hide underneath so that he doesn’t get noticed on his adventures. I decided the robots name would be Scrappy, as his missions include uploading pictures on to a ‘Scrapbook’ and his message is ‘Because the world is too big to see with your own eyes’. The different parts on the robot are a Webcam for his head, antennas for the Wi-Fi signal. Scrappy also has feet from a chattering teeth boy and suction cups on his back to climb up walls and other inaccessible locations.

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