Friday, October 2, 2009

Group Activity

Today we started our group modules for the Friday morning lectures. After a tedious lecture we then split off into groups where I hoped things would get a little more involved. My group consists of other MA students from a range of other courses and has 7 other students; Frank, Andria, Mandula, Jenny, Simon, Laura and Carmel. The brief is to explore Preston and create something, which could be anything from a brochure to book or a model, and present it to the entire MA course in 6 weeks time. We all threw around some ideas and dismissed most but elaborated on a few until we came up with a solid idea. The next task is to ‘Gang Bang’ ideas on Preston which basically means we all gather different research and see what we come up with by next Friday. The group project is a great way to see what other course thought pattern is and how different groups of people think in different ways and allows me to think outside of a game design perspective and maybe look at things through the point of view of say an Advertiser of even a ceramic designer.

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